The Story of Millbank Cheese

Millbank Cheese and Cold Storage Inc. celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2008. Located in Perth County, Ontario, it is one of the rare settings that has endured change and has remained a constant in the remarkable Village of Millbank, which started in 1848.

Created in 1908 from a vision held by several local farmers, a cheese factory was set into operation. For a mere twenty dollars a share, and a grand total of eight hundred dollars, these entrepreneurial farmers purchased a village foundry on Waterloo Street.


Millbank Cheese Factory c. 1914

The creation of Millbank Cheese and Butter was a logical and necessary step for a growing village. Local farmers were producing surpluses in their dairy operations, so it made economic sense to have a local industry that could support this boom.


Millbank Cheese Factory c. 1959

Before the advent of refrigerated storage, the factory made cheese only during summer months-an arrangement that lasted until 1915. By 1933, the factory was producing 180,000 kg of cheese a year. An expansion added a creamery division that produced 43,000 kg of both creamery and whey butter. By 1981, this production would increase ten-fold, as the factory collected milk and cream from farms up to 18 miles away.